Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thing #23

This copyright and protecting ownership of certain documents and online work is pretty tricky to me.  I never knew so much went into ensuring that due credit is issued when it comes to personal online work like this. I NEVER thought to ever teach anything about Creative Commons and protecting rights to claim one’s work as their own, especially if it is distributed across the internet; however, since it is the law and so much stress is placed on that issue, I will definitely make my class aware of the situation now.  I will use Creative Commons to make sure that I am displaying certain media (even if it is for education) in a manner that reflects law-abiding actions.  I know now that I cannot just show any and all videos to a classroom audience unless that is what the media or document was made for, or unless I have permission from the owner. 


I understand that even the 23 Things had to gain permission to display the works because this seems to be a spin-off from 43 Things.  This is interesting.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thing #22, Livebinders

I have created an online binder on  The names of my tabs are: Math Education, Tennessee Standards and Education, and Math and Jobs.

Math Education

This will definitely become useful within a classroom.  If I want to provide the class with a variety of ideas for math assignments, I will open my online binder.  Also, if I want to show plenty of topics relating to a specific subject, I will already have a variety of different websites in one consolidated and organized location.  This website is pretty neat.

Thing #21, Animoto

This is the link to my very first Animoto animation: . This is definitely a new experience for me. I enjoyed and had fun exploring this option of displaying some personal photographs. I enjoyed it so much, in fact, that I almost wanted to purchase the upgraded features… almost. I am not sure if this website can be used educationally within a classroom; however, it can make for a fun project to give students a chance to have show off some personal pictures and display their personal tastes in music and creativity.

Make a video of your own at Animoto.

Thing #20, Youtube

My favorite Super Bowl commercial from 2013 (God Made a Farmer) and my ALL TIME FAVORITE Youtube video (GENIUS toddler): .  I chose the farmer video because the monologue is deep and almost poetic.  The visuals are rich and so detail.  It is art even though they are actual photographs. The toddler video is just amazing and hilarious.

I know that I will, like many of the teachers that I have, will utilize within the classrooms.  It is full of educational videos and documentaries that will capture the interest of students as well as educate them.

Thing #19, beyond Facebook

I am not a member of any online community, unless Facebook and Twitter is considered an online community; which I doubt.  However, there were a number of social websites and online communities that struck my interests; especially the ones that could easily relate to food.  I even added  to my “favorites” on my web browser and I subscried to  However, I am having some trouble maneuvering through Flixter.  I will make plenty of visits to because I love exploring new places within a city.  Clarksville is not the biggest of cities; however, there are still new restaurants, small attractions, and unexplored places of entertainment that I have yet to discover.

Ps… I am still awaiting my acceptance in the social network.

Thing #18, Social Networking

This is the URL to my Twitter account:

I am very familiar with both social networks.  I prefer Twitter; however, Facebook is a useful website as well.  I like Twitter, because if you follow the right person, you can easily fill your day with inspiring quotations and comments that you can pass on to your students.  I believe Facebook has a more personal feel.  Everybody who I have as a “friend” on Facebook, I have run into in real life.  The people that I associate with on Facebook have crossed my path or they are a part of my life in some way.  Twitter is way different.  Many of those who I follow on Twitter, or who follow me, have never crossed my path in a real life situation.  Many are celebrities or just people who have interesting thoughts cross their mind at any given point during the day (or night).  Therefore, both websites serve a good purpose depending on what you may be looking for.

            I see more academic usage out of Facebook.  If everyone in a class has Facebook, they can all “befriend” each other and commence a brief conversation on the class on the “wall.”  If someone has a question, they can start a public conversation where anybody can input their thoughts.

Thing #17,

This website is one that I doubt that I will use too often.  However, I will give it a chance.  It seems to have the same effect as Yahoo’s or Google’s search engine.  I have searched for educational websites before and I came across a number of helpful website using Yahoo. Thus, I imagine that I will forget about this website as soon as I finish this blog. However, there is use for it. I imagine that you are much more protected against the possibility of running into some inappropriate websites.  In addition, it is nice to have a website where the tags are completely controlled by the consumers of the internet and not the corporation who owns the website.  Also, the website that I found searching for “educational technology” will definitely prove useful.