Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thing #19, beyond Facebook

I am not a member of any online community, unless Facebook and Twitter is considered an online community; which I doubt.  However, there were a number of social websites and online communities that struck my interests; especially the ones that could easily relate to food.  I even added  to my “favorites” on my web browser and I subscried to  However, I am having some trouble maneuvering through Flixter.  I will make plenty of visits to because I love exploring new places within a city.  Clarksville is not the biggest of cities; however, there are still new restaurants, small attractions, and unexplored places of entertainment that I have yet to discover.

Ps… I am still awaiting my acceptance in the social network.

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  1. I think they are considered an online community because we are members and we agreed to Terms and Conditions. :) I love Yelp. It's given me great ideas about restaurants and places that are close by! The reviews have been spot on for me so far!